Dettifoss, Iceland

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Limited edition of 2*

Pigment ink print on fine art archival cotton paper
58 x 87 cm    
                        1/2 : 475,00 euro
                        2/2 : 625,00 euro
                      signed, numbered, with certificate

* want something even more exclusive ? Upon request, the edition can be reduced to 1, of a custom size and on a medium of choice. Please use the contact page to tell me what you have in mind, and we'll sort things out !

_ prints come with a white border of about 1,5 cm on each side, which allows for proper handling and facilitates matting and framing; the size mentioned above is a net size that does not include this border;
_ price includes VAT, but do not include postage, packaging, matting or framing;
_ prints are always made on demand; as such a purchase cannot be cancelled once the print has been produced;
_ prints on archival fine art papers up until 58 by 87 cm are printed by myself on a Canon ImageProGraf Pro 2100 printer, using archival Canon Lucia Pro ink
_ disclaimer: as part of the printing process, and to ensure my personal quality standards are met, two AP/PP prints are produced: one on an A4, and one in the format at which the print is advertised above; the A4 may be part of a single edition portfolio box set sold in the context of an exhibition, while the larger size print is typically used for exhibiting, unless an HC print was made specifically for that purpose; of this image, only the two AP/PP prints have been made.

One way to portray the raw force emanating from the second most powerful waterfall in Europe ('powerful' being understood as water flow x fall distance), would be to use a paper with a maximum D-max, high brightness and high whiteness.
However, this moment frozen in time, which shows the delicate swirling of the weightless blobs of water, the yellow-brown coloration caused by suspended sediment, and the ever-changing spray catching an ephemeral rainbow, ask for a more gentle rendering.
I therefore went for Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag, which matches the image perfectly. It's a an acid and OBA free, internally buffered, ISO 9706 compliant fine art paper that can easily be mistaken for a generic all-rounder because it basically every image looks good on it. Some, however, come into their own, and this is one of them.

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